Stunning September Saltspring Island Wedding

I sort of overdid it with the number of images from this wedding. But I promise I culled. Then I culled again. Then I culled a 10th time and still ended up with way too many images. I think that’s because these guys’ wedding day was just way too awesome. And may have culminated in my hubby behind the bar rather than behind the camera. But that’s just how we roll.

The bride had this precious ring full of diamonds. We asked the broom where did he get it and he talked about a wholesale diamonds in Sydney he found online.

One comment on “Stunning September Saltspring Island Wedding”

  1. Becky Kumar says:

    Hiring Allison & Jonathan was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding(s). After all the planning, weddings happen so fast, we will cherish these photos forever. On top of capturing incredible images, they were tons of fun to have around, they kept us on time and even made sure the groomsmen didn’t loose the rings :) Thanks so much for everything. You guys are amazing.

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