trevor + leisha :: jericho sailing club engagement session

I know I say this all the time—perhaps it is a testament to my frame of mind, more likely it is a testament to my awesome clients—but I had so much fun with Trevor and Leisha. Not only did we shoot their engagement session on Vancouver’s first (real) day of summer, but we shot it on the beach. I always tell my clients to try to think of somewhere meaningful for their engagement session. Trevor and Leisha took up sailing together, and it’s something they love to do, so they decided to rig a boat (and then to celebrate said rigging with a bottle of Prosseco… these are my kind of people)! After that, we headed over to Jericho Beach to bask in the dreamy summer light.

These two are seriously smokin’ (and seriously awesome) and I can’t wait for their August wedding. A big big thanks to my friend Jenn (this Jenn and this Jenn) for hooking us up!

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