Sara and Adam :: Engagement Photography

It feels almost surreal editing Sara and Adam’s photos while sitting in the summer heat in Buenos Aires. But I like it.

I met up with Sara and Adam on December 30, a chilly Edmonton afternoon. Incidentally, December 30 is exactly six months before their June 30th wedding. Did we ever have fun! Sometimes you just connect with people, and that’s how it was with Sara and Adam. We laughed through the entire session at things as varied as fake smiles and a certain de-classy kind of movie. I so excited for their small morning wedding and brunch reception this June. It’s going to be beautiful. And simple. And heartfelt. And just perfect for the two of them.

sara-adam-engagement-couple-photographer-edmonton-legislature 01sara-adam-engagement-couple-photographer-edmonton-legislature 02sara-adam-engagement-couple-photographer-edmonton-legislature 04sara-adam-engagement-couple-photographer-edmonton-legislature 03sara-adam-engagement-couple-photographer-edmonton-legislature 06sara-adam-engagement-couple-photographer-edmonton-legislature 07sara-adam-engagement-couple-photographer-edmonton-legislature 08sara-adam-engagement-couple-photographer-edmonton-legislature 09sara-adam-engagement-couple-photographer-edmonton-legislature 10sara-adam-engagement-couple-photographer-edmonton-legislature 11sara-adam-engagement-couple-photographer-edmonton-legislature 13sara-adam-engagement-couple-photographer-edmonton-legislature 12

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