Dan and Paul Engagement Photography

I don’t usually get very personal on this blog (if you are interested in all sorts of personal posts you can head on over to the place where I ramble on the web, .liveit.loveit.blogit.) but today I want to introduce you to two people who are very, very special to me. My brother Dan and his fiancĂ© Paul.

dan-paul-vancouver-gay-couple-wedding-engagement-photography 10

Dan and Paul live in Australia, so I don’t get to hang out with them as much as I’d like. And Dan and Paul are pretty fun. Dan likes Rebecca Black and Paul likes Star Trek. Dan’s a naturopath and homeopath who got screwed by the recession and is biding his time as a civil servant. Paul’s an accountant. (You might think that is some sort of backhanded jab, but it isn’t. I love accountants, I was a tax lawyer!) In my dream world, we’ll all end up living in Vancouver and having babies that can grow up together; given the way things are going, that’s not so far fetched.

With Sacramento wedding photographer Chelsea Evans at Capture Create Studios really captures that special moment when they look into their eyes with love.

And moving on to the images, they were taken in the early early morning (just after sunrise, before the sun came over the mountains)in the Palm Springs, CA desert.

dan-paul-vancouver-gay-couple-wedding-engagement-photography 01dan-paul-vancouver-gay-couple-wedding-engagement-photography 02dan-paul-vancouver-gay-couple-wedding-engagement-photography 03dan-paul-vancouver-gay-couple-wedding-engagement-photography 06dan-paul-vancouver-gay-couple-wedding-engagement-photography 05dan-paul-vancouver-gay-couple-wedding-engagement-photography 07dan-paul-vancouver-gay-couple-wedding-engagement-photography 04dan-paul-vancouver-gay-couple-wedding-engagement-photography 08dan-paul-vancouver-gay-couple-wedding-engagement-photography 11

2 comments on “Dan and Paul Engagement Photography”

  1. Jenny says:

    Great photos and edittng :) I cant wait for the Wedding…and the move and babies in Vancouver! Yes, I approve of that plan!

  2. Heather says:

    I was lonely in Melbs — probably because I went at the beginning of my trip and was wondering what in the world I had just done! — and Dan and Paul made me feel so welcome :-) Congrats to them!

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