Judy + Gary :: Steamwhistle Toronto Wedding ::

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I love second shooting for Mary of Lemon Fresh Designs. Seriously, she is amazing – and she brings such joy into a shoot. On top of her being amazing, her clients are always fabulous. Judy and Gary were no exception – their traditional Macedonia wedding ceremony was followed by a beautiful and detailed filled reception at the oh-so-amazing Steamwhistle Brewery in Toronto. Their wedding was full of joy, laughter, and a Macedonian pig dance and bread dance!

Part of the fun in second shooting is spending the morning with the groom and groomsmen; something I don’t usually do! Groomsmen are hilarious – especially when encouraging the groom to rock up to the wedding with a full on ‘stache. Said ‘stache caused the groom’s sister much heartache.

Be sure to check out Lemon Fresh Designs’ images from the day; as usual, they are amazing!

2 comments on “Judy + Gary :: Steamwhistle Toronto Wedding ::”

  1. Mary C says:

    Such wonderful photos Allison! No seriously, it’s always awesome to shoot with you. Love the reference to the ‘stash. Judy was worried it wasn’t leaving anytime soon :) And thank you for the sweet shout-out. Seriously sweet xoxo!

  2. Kyle says:

    Your black and white tones are gorgeous!

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