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Something a little different today! On my last trip to the West Coast, Jenn asked if I would do a session for her at the Vancouver Circus School in Port Coquitlam New Westminster (Jenn has informed me I was absolutely clueless about where we were!). I jumped on it, having no idea what to expect. Jenn’s been training for about three years, and I’m pretty sure that circus school is about the coolest thing ever.

On a somewhat related note, if you refer a wedding booking to me, you get a free portrait session! Jenn is my biggest champion ever, and refers me over and over and over, this is why you see her, and will continue to see her on the blog! On a related note, if you refer a wedding client to me, make sure they or you let me know!

3 comments on “jenn at circus school :: something a little different”

  1. Jenn says:

    Thanks Al! Love the photos, as always. But your knowledge of Lower Mainland geography has failed you. The school was in New Westminster. ;-) Can’t wait until you’re back on the West Coast and I can drive you all over suburbia!

  2. Kyle says:

    That is CRAZY. What a cool session! I didn’t know that circus schools existed and now I want to go to one and shoot a photo session there too. This is awesome Allison!

    1. Allison says:

      Thanks Kyle! I actually want to go back and DO circus school! It looks like so much fun!!

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